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Mobstar is an addictive online game based on the treacherous world of the mafia, where thousands of players immerse themselves in the role of an international criminal. You begin Mobstar as lowly thug, doing drug runs from one of fifteen starting locations, such as Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, China, Colombia and USA. Climb the criminal career ladder by accumulating wealth and status, and achieve the ultimate goal of becoming Godfather!
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Will you become one of the biggest, most famous, richest Godfathers or Godmothers of Mobstar?
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Registered players:95650
New players in last 24 hours:81
Players active in last 24 hours:1803
Players online now:638
Players killed last week:827

Top 15 countries:15 Latest kills:
Long Drive HomeBoss
Blij dat ik glijBoss
kansloos gfs schi...Boss
Super PretentiousBoss
Najra XXVIGodfather
Bitch in 03 secGodmother
Rory O-Connor VIGodfather
6 milj ways to dieGodfather
Angry MobGodfather
Pizza TimeBoss
Rapid eye move...Godfather
Reteketet Super ...Bossin
Rating my assGodfather
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